What is Psycho-Oncology?

Psycho-oncology is a part of cancer care that focuses on the specific psychological, behavioural, emotional and social needs of people with cancer, and their whānau.    

Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, you will know that cancer doesn't just affect the body.   Cancer can have a huge impact on how you feel, how you think, what you do, and perhaps even what you believe.   It can also have a huge impact on loved ones. 

The level of distress a person feels can vary depending on each individual and whānau experience.  It can be influenced by a number of factors, including the type of cancer, where a person is on their cancer journey, where they are in their lives, and​ how they cope with challenging situations.  

How Can I Help You?

What to Expect

The first appointment is an opportunity for me to fully understand the difficulties you are experiencing, to talk through what you would like to get out of our time together and make a plan.  I'm likely to ask you lots of questions in the first session, and may also get you to fill out some short questionnaires.   

During sessions, I might ask you to try some techniques that I think would be helpful, rather than just listen to me talking about them.  I will encourage you to take the skills you have learnt in session and apply them in your day to day life.  

Our sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or however often is helpful for you.  Appointments can be face to face or via telehealth (e.g., Zoom), or a  mixture of both.   

Turn and face the sun, and let your shadow fall behind you

E huri tō aroaro ki te rā, tukuna tō ataarangi ki muri i a koe